Would You Leave a Lasting Legacy? | Depaulcharity

Would You Leave a Lasting Legacy? | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Would You Leave a Lasting Legacy?

By Shelley Green - 12 September 2017


Leave a Gift to Charity in Your Will and Make a Lasting Impact

Let’s face it. Death is not something we like to think about.

And writing a blog about it seems a peculiar and extremely grounding way to start what I hope will continue to be a very ordinary morning. 

But it appears I'm not alone in avoiding thinking about the great unknown. Apparently making plans for death is something that as a nation we Brits aren’t very keen on. In fact it is estimated that half the population, around 53 percent of UK adults, haven’t yet written a will.

We knooow...there are so many things you’ve got to do. That trip to Ikea, getting a better deal on your mortgage, planning your next holiday, picking up some teacakes for your gran… Life is happening right now and it’s so much more interesting and so much more pressing than death!

But writing a will is so important to ensuring your affairs are in order and it also offers the chance for you to think about the kind of legacy you want to leave once you’re gone.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

We are lucky to live in one of the most generous countries in the world. In fact more than 60 percent of the UK population made a donation to charity last year. 

However, it seems that as a nation, making a charitable donation in our wills is not something we’ve fully embraced.  Of the 52 million UK adults who have written a will, only 25 percent have chosen to leave a gift to charity. For some reason it seems that us Brits are  keener to support charities in life than we are in death. 

Maybe it’s because we won’t be around to see the difference a legacy gift will make. Or, perhaps, there is a common misconception that leaving a legacy to charity means donating all your earthly belongings. Let’s face it, we’ve all heard the news stories about a lady who bequeaths millions of dollars to her cat.

But leaving a legacy donation doesn’t mean you have to hand over your entire estate. Taking care of family and friends is absolutely going to be the focus of most people’s wills. We need to know our family will be safe, happy, and looked after when we’re gone.

But what about young homeless people who don’t have a family and little hope for the future? For Depaul a legacy gift of any size can make a big impact on the young people we support.

Giving Young Homeless People a Future

The majority of young people at Depaul find themselves homeless because of family breakdown.

They are alone in the world and have often moved from place to place, experienced a disrupted education, and feel like they are on the edge of society, like the whole world is against them. They are just normal teenagers or young adults, no different from your son, daughter, niece or nephew. They just haven’t had the simple everyday stability or opportunities that many of us are lucky enough to enjoy.

They are young people like Ashleigh whose mum died of cancer when she was just six years old and who turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism when she was in her early teens. This then led to her life spiralling out of control and before she knew it she was homeless.

They are young people like Ellie who was left homeless after suffering emotional and sexual abuse by her mum’s boyfriend. She had no belongings no friends and no family to call, she was completely alone in the world.

They are young people like Daniel, 21 who had to leave home because his mum was struggling with alcoholism and illness. He had to sleep rough and was robbed many times in the night.

Nobody should have to face the terrible things that these young people have

Leave What You Can and Make a BIG Difference.

"No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away." Terry Pratchett.

We’re asking supporters to think about leaving a ripple when you’re gone. A donation which will help to change young people’s futures.

- Just £300 could provide 20 bed nights in Depaul’s emergency accommodation service Nightstop, preventing young people from sleeping rough and the dangers of entrenched homelessness.

- £2,000 could pay for a week of vocational training for eight young homeless people staying in our supported hostels, giving them the confidence and skills to seek long-term employment. 

- £30,000 would pay for a full-time Money Management Trainer to help our young people to tackle debts and understand independent living, so they can build a stable, independent future.

A donation of any amount will help us to transform the life of a young homeless person and support them into a positive future. We promise you that EVERY donation makes a difference.

David is a Depaul supporter who has signed up for a legacy. Here he explains why he has committed to leaving a gift:

Too many young people face such horrendous individual difficulties alone, which is why I have supported Depaul since its earliest days and shall do so with a Legacy after my death."

A Final Thought

"Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” Hemingway.

We hope that all Depaul supporters, men and women, young and old, will consider remembering our young people in your will and leaving an incredible legacy when you’ve gone.

If you'd like to find out more about leaving a legacy gift to Depaul then simply request a free information pack by email or call Nicole on 020 739 1280 . You can also write to us at: Depaul UK, 34 Decima Street, London, SE1 4QQ

We wish you a very long and very happy life full of love, support and laughter.



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