Submission: Tackling homelessness | Depaulcharity

Submission: Tackling homelessness | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Submission: Tackling homelessness

This is the Depaul UK submission to the Government’s Tackling Homelessness Together consultation.

In this submission, Depaul UK makes the following key recommendations:

  • Homelessness Reduction Boards should be established through legislation. They should aim to create more strategic joint work focused on prevention, involving pooled budgets and with scope for voluntary agencies to provide strategic input. They should also aim to hold providers and commissioners to account and be based on robust data.
  • Social Impact Bonds also encourage strategic, multi-agency planning and their payment arrangements hold providers to account. They should be introduced in more local authority areas. 
  • Central Government should ensure that local authorities and other commissioners have sufficient resources to commission effective homelessness services.

Read the full submission below:

Depaul UK submission to the Tackling Homelessness Together consultation.

  • Submission: Tackling Homelessness Together


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