We know that the leading cause of youth homelessness is relationship breakdown – whether with families, carers or partners.

Our services help to mend broken relationships and give young people the tools they need to avoid the trauma of homelessness.

Across the UK we provide counselling and work with the carers of children and young people who often run away or go missing.

And in schools, we work with children and young people to build the knowledge, resilience and healthy relationships they need to ensure they never experience homelessness.

By Donating
You can provide a package of basic toiletries to a young person fleeing domestic abuse during lockdown.
You can provide a young homeless person with a safe bed for the night, a friendly, listening ear, a healthy meal and toiletries.
You could provide a tablet so a young person can stay connected during lockdown, enabling them to apply for jobs or bid for long-term housing.