We are committed to supporting you and your students and have carefully revised our education programme in line with current guidance, providing a tailored intervention programme.

Our sessions have been re-designed to work with smaller groups and focus on building resilience in young people by giving them the tools and skills to build and maintain positive, supportive relationships with friends, family and in the wider community. Our delivery methods are extremely flexible and compliant with the new guidance issued for schools on 3rd July 2020, and we can provide a Covid-19 risk assessment for the sessions.




A bold new approach to preventing homelessness

Tens of thousands of young people in the UK approach their local authority each year because they are facing homelessness. This experience of homelessness can disrupt or derail the future of a young person permanently.

Depaul UK is committed to reaching young people early. When we can tackle issues now, we prevent homelessness and more complex problems in the future, and give young people the best start in life.

The programme

Our programme of work in schools delivers bold and relatable workshops to whole year groups, using digital media and creative techniques to build up their knowledge of youth homelessness and related issues, including relationships, family breakdown, exploitation and abuse, mental wellbeing and risk-taking.

We develop resilience and support young people to develop their capacity to make informed decisions when faced with risks, ensuring they know how, when and where to ask for help.

We deliver these workshops to pupils of all ages, working with them once in Key Stage 3, once in Key Stage 4 and once in Key Stage 5.

After each of these whole year group workshops, we then work with schools to select a small group of young people at higher risk to take part in a targeted programme of four sessions:

• Emotional literacy and wellbeing

• Positive and healthy relationships

• Managing conflict

• Making well-informed and safer choices

We aim to build long-term partnerships so that we can best support the young people in the schools we work in, also enabling us to open referral routes into our other targeted services, family support and emergency accommodation.




Supporting your school: RSE and Ofsted

Our workshops are delivered by highly skilled and experienced facilitators and can be tailored to meet your school’s specific requirements and the particular needs of your young people.

The programme compliments many of the requirements of the new RSE guidance, as well several of Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework values with regard to children and young people’s personal development, behaviour and welfare, including:

• Positive and healthy friendships and how to judge when a relationship is unsafe

• How to talk about and manage emotions

• How to critically evaluate when something has a positive or negative effect on their own or others’ mental health

• Staying safe from abuse and exploitation

• How to recognise what is normal and what is an issue, and seek support as early as possible from appropriate source


The cost to partner institutions:

As part of our commitment to preventing youth homelessness, we cover the programme’s management and strategic development costs. In order to reach as many young people as possible, we ask our partners to cover just the direct delivery costs of the service they will receive for their school.

For costs in your area and to find out more about making a booking, please contact:


South Yorkshire:

Greater Manchester:

North East:

*We have funding from London Councils to deliver this programme to specific ages, meaning we are able to offer workshops for colleges and Year 12 & 13 in London Boroughs free of charge.