Progression Coach Hannah Brock's Story | Depaulcharity

Progression Coach Hannah Brock's Story | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Progression Coach Hannah Brock's Story

By Hannah Brock - 20 March 2017


I am a Progression Coach based at Depaul UK’s Camden Kaleidoscope. This project focuses on mental health and offers supported accommodation for up to seven young people with complex needs.

There are between 12 and 15 people in our team. The residents that come to us initially require a high level of support. They can face severe challenges such as anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm and other issues that require a specialist understanding.

One of my responsibilities is to help our young people organise their time and set themselves goals. This includes making sure they look after themselves properly and attend their appointments. If necessary, it can extend to reminding them to do the everyday things like laundry.

Each resident is assigned a Depaul keyworker. During their time with us, the keyworker acts as their key point of contact. They meet with the resident once a week to understand how they are feeling and if there are any issues they are struggling to handle.

The issues that our young people raise can vary. A lot of them turn 18 while at Depaul, so one of the more frequent challenges is to support their transition from young to adult services.

Another challenge we encounter is helping them adapt to their new living space. While at Camden Kaleidoscope, they must learn to get along with each other and understand that each resident has their own mental health issues to overcome. 

Camden Kaleidoscope aims to maintain consistency for residents. Progression Coaches liaise closely with our young people’s professional network. We also provide weekly updates for their psychiatrists. This is to ensure an integrated and personalised response is provided.

My favourite part of the job is to see the small steps that residents take towards their goals every day. This includes engaging in activities, such as our recent trip to see Peter Pan at the National Theatre, to attending college regularly. It is so rewarding when a young person engages with our service and this is what makes my day.  

Our work with residents is designed to help them grow. We want them to gain the independence to eventually move on from Camden Kaleidoscope. Those who are ready are referred to accommodation with a lower level of support.

Recently, it was fantastic to see one of our young people move on to university.

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