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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Aysha's Story

Aysha was referred to a Depaul project in the North West by social services.She had been identified as an extremely vulnerable young person who had suffered family abuse and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

While Aysha was living at the project, staff became very concerned about her placing herself in dangerous situations and the people she was spending time with. She received warnings for trying to sneak in friends, abusive behaviour towards staff and alcohol misuse.

Her behaviour reached a point where most organisations would have given up and told Aysha to leave.

However, Depaul specialises in helping the most vulnerable and challenging young people. We never give up on someone we can help. Staff saw how vulnerable Aysha was and knew there would not be any other suitable accommodation for her.

She has now been living at the project for a year and begun to trust staff and accept their support. She has also been working with a Depaul specialist CSE worker to help to keep herself safe.

Aysha has matured massively in the time she has been living at the project.

She has improved her behaviour and her attitude towards staff and become more financially responsible. 

Although staff still have occasional concerns about some of the friends with whom Aysha spends time, she is much better at assessing situations and understanding her safety, and spends much more time in the project.

Thanks to the support and care of staff, Aysha is now ready to live independently.This is a huge change from where she was when she first came to Depaul.

* The image used with this story is for illustration and is not of the person featured.

She has been accepted for a council flat and is looking forward to starting a new chapter of her life.

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