Kristina's Story | Depaulcharity

Kristina's Story | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Kristina's Story

When Kristina’s father died, her family fell apart. Aged 17, she was forced to leave home and became homeless.

I was temporarily staying at my partner’s house, stuck in limbo. I then moved to a hostel. It was rough. Six months isn’t a long time, but it’s enough to break someone, especially having been through trauma beforehand.

Grief had a huge impact on me and I already felt emotionally homeless. I had no family connections, barely any friends. My partner definitely helped me get through that.

I wasn’t ready to give up. There was no way I could sleep on the streets, I was already struggling with my mental health. I really had to figure it out. I wanted to study and just move up.

I came across Depaul UK when I was doing the National Citizen Service. Someone at Depaul UK made a speech about their experiences of homelessness and it blew me away. It broke my heart that I had to use their services, but ever since nothing but good things have happened.

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