Depaul UK is committed to all aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion. Our pay rates continue to be informed by regular salary benchmarking and in line with our job evaluation scheme.


Median and mean hourly earnings
On 5 April 2020, the median and mean male and female hourly pay gap differences were as follows:


Mean gender pay gap:  1.8% 

This is the amount by which the average male salary exceeds the average female salary


Median gender pay gap: -0.8% 

This is the amount by which the mid-point male salary exceeds the mid-point female salary


The reduction in the mean gender pay gap from 7.6% in 2018 to 6% in 2019 and now 1.8% in 2020 is a clear demonstration of our commitment to Equal Pay.  During this period we have re-affirmed our commitment to Investors in People, achieved a conditional accreditation from Investors in Diversity and become a Disability Confident Employer. We are taking our initial steps to become a Living Wage employer.

The median percentage shows that women are paid marginally more than men in the middle salary range for the work they do.


On 5 April 2020 the proportion of male and female staff in each pay quartile were:

Lower pay quartile Lower mid pay quartile Upper mid pay quartile Upper pay quartile
Male % 36.8 23.5 29.4 26.5
Female % 63.2 76.5 70.6 73.5



A graph showing company pay quartiles

Like many employers in the voluntary sector, Depaul UK employs more women than men, and there are proportionately more women than men at all levels of our organisation.

Depaul UK does not have a bonus scheme.

Responsible Reporting Officer: Mike Thiedke, Chief Executive


Depaul UK 2019 Gender Pay gap report