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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Depaul Nightstop London

Location Who we help
Central and Greater London Young people aged 16 to 25 years old who are currently homeless and in need of safe emergency accommodation.
How we help How to volunteer or get involved
Placing young people in the homes of trained and vetted London volunteers on a night-by-night basis. Hosts, chaperones and office volunteers are vital to London Nightstop. Interested? Call 0207 939 1226 or email
Contact details About us
If you or someone you know need to access Nightstop services, please call 07767 882881, Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm or email We are an emergency safety net for young people who are street homeless or staying in an unsafe place and a stepping stone to accessing other services that can help.

Nightstop provides emergency accommodation for young homeless people aged 16 to 25 years in the spare bedrooms of volunteer hosts.

Our volunteers offer a safe haven providing a warm welcome, a home-cooked meal, a hot bath, toiletries, clean clothes and a listening ear to young people who are often feeling isolated, scared, abandoned and depressed.

Our volunteers use their spare bedroom to keep young vulnerable people safe by providing an alternative to sleeping rough until a more permanent solution can be found.

We work closely with other support agencies across London that help the young people to look for more permanent accommodation suitable to their needs.

Our clients are young people who, often due to family breakdown, lack of money, their sexuality or any other imaginable reason, have nowhere to live.

They often exhaust family and friends as a temporary solution and end up sleeping rough or are at risk of sleeping rough.

They may be working or in college, be pregnant, victims of domestic violence, or a refugee with a very basic knowledge of English and no understanding of what support is available to them.

These are young people who pose no risk to anyone but have everything to lose by sleeping rough on the streets of London.

We have a changing number of available volunteers on any one day and currently have 62 hosts across 23 London boroughs.

Our service provides an average of six emergency beds per night and another four beds for an extended stay of up to six weeks for the whole year.

Last year alone, we provided 2,400 bed-nights to 340 young people.

Visit the Nightstop website.

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