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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Creekside Foyer

LocationWho we help
London, Royal Borough of GreenwichYoung people aged 16-25 who are single without a permanent place to live, with a local connection to Greenwich
How we helpHow to volunteer or get involved
We offer housing and daily one-to-one support for young people as part of a resettlement programme.Get in touch with our central office or find volunteering opportunities on the Get Involved section of the website.
Contact detailsAbout us
Contact the Foyer on 0203 728 1130 or email is part of the Greenwich Pathway for young people experiencing homelessness.

Creekside Foyer offers housing and support to young, single people at risk of homelessness, including young people coming out of the criminal justice system. Our 24-hour residential scheme is a mix of self-containted flats and shared flats. The project is staffed 24 hours a day. 

We are committed to helping young people back into education, employment and training and to make the transition from dependence to independent living. All young people receive weekly one-to-one support sessions with an allocated support worker. 

These sessions are part of a planned programme of resettlement, which explores and addresses individual support needs. Areas covered include: claiming benefits, budgeting and domestic skills, family mediation, education and training options, offending behaviour, drugs or alcohol misuse, finding move on accommodation and maintaining a tenancy agreement, 

In addition, the young people staying at the Foyer will work through their own personal development plan (with support form Depaul UK staff) and will be expected to play their part in:

  • Making sure weekly rent is paid.
  • Attending weekly support meetings.
  • Being willing to do specific and practical work on their personal development, and to agree and work on an action plan with Depaul UK staff that will form part of their formal agreement to remain at The Foyer.
  • Meeting the obligations of their tenancy and house rules and showing consideration to staff, neighbours and other residents.

Creekside Foyer is funded to provide temporary accommodation whilst young people work towards making a positive change and move on to more independent accommodation, which may include options other than local authority housing. 

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