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Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.


Help us get families talking this Easter

By Dave Batchelor - 8 March 2019

An important strand of prevention work carried out by Depaul UK is family mediation. Many young people who become homeless leave the family home following a conflict....

Positive Pathways in Middlesbrough

By Rosie Kelly - 7 March 2019

Depaul UK responds where the need is greatest, working with people of all ages around the UK. In 2018 our youngest recorded service user was 8 years old and our oldest service user was 81 years old. ...

Day in the life: Alone In London

By Iveta Tsenkova - 25 February 2019

Depaul UK runs a range of prevention services designed to stop young people from becoming homeless, including Alone In London....

30 years of tackling homelessness

By Nicole Norton - 21 February 2019

Why were we created? This year marks Depaul UK’s 30th anniversary. Depaul UK was created in 1989 to combat the sharp rise in young people sleeping rough. We began as a 14-bed hostel in North West London....

Depaul UK in 2018: Values in Action

By Nicole Norton - 8 January 2019

At the beginning of the year we’re taking stock of our successes at Depaul UK....

New approach to homelessness prevention

By Mark Robinson - 3 January 2019

In 2019 Depaul UK is launching a bold new approach to tackling homelessness, including new types of education and support work in schools....

New service: I-Aspire

By Laura Rombach - 14 December 2018

Imagine being taken into care away from your family and being placed in an unfamiliar foster placement or care home, and sometimes having to move several times through your childhood and teenage years....

A helping hand this winter

By Anna Couper - 4 December 2018

As the Community Fundraising Manager at Depaul UK, community groups often ask me how they can help in practical ways....

Mind Connect: What we do

By Laura Alonso Mira - 6 November 2018

As well as accommodation and support to young people at risk of homelessness, Depaul UK also offers a range of other services....

Charity Challenge: Kilimanjaro

By Rosie Kelly - 24 August 2018

Next month 94 brave souls from Deloitte, one of our corporate partners, will be taking on the challenge of a lifetime....
Graeme Mcgregor, Depaul UK Campaigns Officer

Young and sleeping rough

By Graeme McGregor - 16 August 2018

“I got arrested and sent to court. When I was speaking to the probation person in the court, she was telling me: ‘They will probably give you community service.’...

Success at the Social Inclusion Games

By Anna Alcock - 12 August 2018

Two groups of Depaul UK young people travelled from Britain to the Netherlands in July – to take part in the Social Inclusion Games. ...
Young man in a blue hoodie sat on the stairs

Day in the life: Camden Kaleidoscope

By Sam - 30 July 2018

Depaul UK runs a range of specialist services for young people, including the Camden Kaleidoscope project in London. This project offers accommodation with a high level of support, and a focus on mental health needs....
A photograph of tents at the refugee camp in Calais

Values Month: Statham House

By Becky Tooth - 22 June 2018

This week as part of our Values in Action month, Depaul UK is focusing on our belief in rights and responsibilities....
Nick Sinclair in a checked shirt

What is Values in Action Month?

By Nick Sinclair - 15 June 2018

Prior to joining Depaul in 2014 I knew very little about the organisation even though I’d worked in the homelessness sector for several years beforehand.  What I did know was that Depaul had a strong reputation for being “good people”.  I knew it ...
Volunteers in orange t-shirts gardening

Thank you, volunteers

By Nick Sinclair - 5 June 2018

Dear Depaul UK volunteers,  ...
Volunteer Michaella Cowell in a graduation gown

Volunteer profile: Michaella Cowell

By Michaella Cowell - 4 June 2018

Volunteering for Depaul UK can take all sorts of forms – from mentoring and hosting through Nightstop to more specialist, tailored volunteering roles....
A smiling woman in sunglasses

Volunteer profile: Clare Vaughan

By Clare Vaughan - 15 May 2018

Volunteer Clare Vaughan shares her experience of volunteering with Depaul UK in the North East....
Cockle shells arranged in the shape of an arrow

Why I'm taking on the Camino

By George Penny - 3 May 2018

Twenty year old George has thrived since Depaul UK helped him to find accommodation when he was made homeless....
Alexia Murphy, Executive Director of Services

Project Focus: Your Chance

By Alexia Murphy - 23 April 2018

Here at Depaul UK, we believe in the potential of people. That’s how we approach the work we do with young people supported by our services across the country....


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