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Helping young people in crisis for 30 years
Homelessness among young people has soared by 28%.

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They are in danger tonight – help them find a safe bed in a real home.
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Be part of the community solution to youth homelessness


Thanks to our network of volunteer hosts across the UK, young people in crisis have a safe alternative to sleeping rough. Our hosts open up their homes for a night, providing a hot meal and a shower, a cosy bedroom and a listening ear. But you don't need a spare room to be part of our safety net: just spare 46p a day.


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Our hosts open their doors: will you open your heart?


When a vulnerable young person becomes homeless, a bed in an adult hostel is the last thing they need. Nightstop offers what they really need: a safe, normal home for the night. But we need regular donations to keep our service going. Will you spare 46p a day so someone can sleep safe tonight?

Lisa was just 16 years old when she left home.


Her relationship with her adopted parents had reached breaking point. She left with nothing but the clothes on her back, she didn't even have a mobile phone.


Lisa says, "I had no money. I literally had nothing. It was so cold over those first few days. I was relieved that someone was willing to help me. For them to let a complete stranger to come and stay. I hadn't done anything to deserve it and they were just willing to open up their hourse for me. The hosts were really inspirational. It's amazing what they do.


[Without Nightstop] I wouldn't have been able to get any food, I wouldn't have been able to keep warm. I wouldn't have got this far without them. I feel human again."

Give a single gift
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For just 46p a day...

Match a young person in crisis with a local host with a spare room
Vet and train our hosts to ensure they provide safe and friendly sanctuary
Cover travel costs so the young person can safely reach their host
Work with other support services to help vulnerable people long-term


As a regular donor, you'll get a welcome pack with more news about Nightstop and how Depaul prevents homelessness.



More importantly, you'll know that thanks to you someone young and vulnerable is sleeping safely tonight.


About Depaul UK

Depaul UK works in some of the UK's most disadvantaged communities, looking to prevent homelessness and support vulnerable young people at every step of their journey. Depaul co-ordinates the Nightstop network of projects at 30 locations across the UK, providing emergency support for young people in crisis.

Where your donation goes

Your donation will be spent on keeping young people safe through Nightstop and providing year-round services to prevent homelessness long-term such as supported accommodation and help with employment, education and mental-health issues via other Depaul UK services.

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