30 years of tackling homelessness | Depaulcharity

30 years of tackling homelessness | Depaulcharity

Depaul helps people who are homeless, vulnerable and disadvantaged.

30 years of tackling homelessness

By Nicole Norton - 21 February 2019


Why were we created?

This year marks Depaul UK’s 30th anniversary. Depaul UK was created in 1989 to combat the sharp rise in young people sleeping rough. We began as a 14-bed hostel in North West London.

From the very beginning, our mission was to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it. It has remained close to our hearts throughout. Today, thanks to the support of donors, we are a homelessness charity able to reach 3,800 young people across the UK every year. 

How did we develop?




Where are we now?

We now move forward with the same conviction with which we began.

At Depaul UK, we continue to do everything we can for young people that knock on our door. Every day, they remind us that tacking homelessness is about more than just providing a safe bed. It’s about giving young people the chance to create a brighter future.      

If you would like to give a gift and change a young person’s future today click here to donate.


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